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Confidence and Develop Confident Body Language

2 oră
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Most importantly your body language has a tremendous impact on …

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Explore the most powerful body language techniques for feeling & looking more confident
Discover how to get yourself into the "Winner's State"

Introduction to Probability and Statistics

8.5 oră

This course will begin with an overview of data types …

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Learn the probability and basic techniques of data analysis and inference.
Gain a deeper understanding of the underlying concepts.

Beginner Nikon Digital SLR (DSLR) Photography

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You’ll learn how all those buttons and dials work on …

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You will learn how to adjust your shutter speed and why you would choose one shutter speed over another.
You will learn to recognize the difference between depth-of-field blur and motion blur.

Communication Skills Machine: Master Persuasion

22.5 oră
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 Unlike other courses, Communication Skills Machine is the complte course …

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Everthing you need to know to develop your communication skills
Become more persuasive & influential in business and life