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Adobe Lightroom pentru începători: Editare completă a fotografiilor/imaginilor

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5.3 oră

Adobe Lightroom este conceput pentru fotografi. Vă oferă posibilitatea de …

Ce vei învăța
Master him/herself in Adobe Lightroom
Master in Photo Editing
Feel confident to add adobe lightroom in Resume

Learn Music Production Essentials

8.7 oră
Nivel intermediar

This course is aimed at beginner to intermediate music makes …

Ce vei învăța
At the end of this course, you’ll be able to find your way around your DAW
Know how to record your audio and MIDI tracks.
Plus, you'll know how to add and edit effects
Improve your mix and mastering of your songs.

Dog Care Owner Training For A Happy, Healthy Dog

3.3 oră
Toate nivelurile

This course was specifically created for dog owners or dog …

Ce vei învăța
Learn to trim black or white nails on puppies and dogs
Have the essentials on hand if you need to bathe your dog at home
Learn what your dog's ears are telling you and how to clean their ears at home

Oracle Database Administration for Beginners

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Toate nivelurile

Oracle Database Administration for Absolute Beginners’ course explains about the …

Ce vei învăța
Understand the basics of RDBMS so that they efficiently manage a DBA team
Understand the fundamentals of Oracle Database (including Oracle 12c and Oracle 11g)

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

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21.5 oră
Toate nivelurile

Artificial Intelligence has become the centrepiece of strategic decision making …

Ce vei învăța
Be ready to apply your newly-acquired knowledge in your current organization.
Make informed strategic decisions for yourself and your business.