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Managementului Timpului: Fă mai mult, stresează-te mai puțin

3.5 oră
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If you’re someone who has a LOT on their plate …

Ce vei învăța
Use your single trusted system to collect and manage your tasks
Prioritize effectively to make sure you're working on the right things, at the right time
Plan your daily, weekly, and long-term work & goals to save time and reduce stress
Use single-tasking, time blocking, documentation and breaks to more effectively focus on the job

Instrumente digitale esențiale pentru implicarea studenților

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3.9 oră
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Angajarea și motivarea studenților sunt întotdeauna o sarcină foarte dificilă …

Ce vei învăța
Become a highly engaging trainer for corporate training
Become an effective learning designer for the 21st century classroom

Cursul de fotografie suprem – de la începător la avansat

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12 oră
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Cursul de fotografie Ultimate vă va arăta cum să faceți …

Ce vei învăța
"The difference between manual and automatic shooting and which one you should use.
You'll learn to use natural and artificial lighting in photos and understand the scale of white balance.
We’ll then go through 11 types of photography and learn the best gear and tips to use."

Adobe Illustrator CC – Curs de formare Essentials

8.5 oră

Ești frustrat să încerci să înveți singur Adobe Illustrator?! Acest …

Ce vei învăța
Cu abilitățile învățate în acest curs, veți avea o abilitate foarte dorită care vă poate ajuta să obțineți locuri de muncă și să câștigați bani ca designer grafic.
Adobe Illustrator este aplicația standard în industrie când vine vorba de design grafic, așa că este important să o înveți dacă vrei să fii designer profesionist.

Electronics – for Complete Beginners

9.9 oră

Electronics has become important to many fields; communications, automotive, security, …

Ce vei învăța
Your understanding will be complete
Comparable to what you might achieve in a more formal learning environment.
You will be prepared to seize opportunities that come your way in the future
Ready to go on to further
More narrowly-focused training in whatever related specialty you choose.

The Fast-Track to Singing Like a Pro

3.3 oră
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SINGING SIMPLIFIED will get you on your way to becoming …

Ce vei învăța
You'll be able to sing with much more control, confidence, consistency, and better overall tone.
You'll be able to sing much higher than you did before this course - with MUCH less strain.
You'll be able to sing with much better technique - saving your voice from future damage.

Public Relations: Media Crisis Communications

2.1 oră
Nivel intermediar

Public Relations during a time of crisis. Imagine that a …

Ce vei învăța
Being able to Manage Crisis Communications
Know how to appear Confident on Camera
Prepare Messages
Handle tough questions

Self-Control Psychology and Weight Loss

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2.6 oră
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If you’re struggling to lose weight or stick to a …

Ce vei învăța
Be able to use simple tricks and techniques to make self-control easier.
Actually apply these strategies and make a deliberate effort to understand their effects
Have a huge advantage when it comes to sticking to your diet
Meeting your fitness goals, and leading a healthier lifestyle.