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Gătiți mâncare adevărată: Cum să faceți mese simple pe bază de plante

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Dacă te chinui să slăbești sau să ții la o …

Ce vei învăța
Be able to use simple tricks and techniques to make self-control easier.
Actually apply these strategies and make a deliberate effort to understand their effects
Have a huge advantage when it comes to sticking to your diet
Meeting your fitness goals, and leading a healthier lifestyle.

Vegan Nutrition Health Coach Certification

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Being healthy and living a happy and fulfilled life, respecting …

Ce vei învăța
Give you the tools to design a vegan custom health coaching package that is focused
Develop a thorough understanding of nutrition, nutrient density, macronutrients, micronutrients, and dieting
Learn health coaching skills and the key elements of behavioral change